We’ve all seen the ads pop-up on our Youtube and Facebook surfing. Dietary supplements like Tumeric or Acai Berry, or miracle gummies with apple cider vinegar. It’s easy to see why. People are trying to balance health and lifestyle, and for the last year and a half many people have been forced to stay stationary, whether working from home or sitting at a desk looking for a better job. We’re just not as active as we could be.

And then the real killer comes when we do start working out, watching what we eat, and we still don’t lose weight, or worse, we even gain weight.

Then we see the ads that promise us the world. We can eat whatever we want, we don’t have to work out. And they show us pictures of people who probably always looked that good. Fact is, though, just because those products worked for them doesn’t mean they’ll work for us.

Truth is, just like not every shirt fits everyone the same, not every workout fits everyone the same, and for sure not every supplement fits everybody the same way. Finally, there’s a company focused on women’s health and focused on real results.

“The Experts in Female Performance Nutrition”

Powher is a unique company that isn’t interested in making products for everyone. They’re interested in making products for real women who want real results. Women have specific needs, and active women need supplements that work with their bodies. Let’s face it, not a lot of what’s offered in foods or nutrition takes the real woman into account. Powher is here to change that.

What Is Powher Cut

Powher tailors all their products to the active female, making dietary supplements that compliment your workout and goals, rather than telling you how to achieve your victories. It’s a fat burner that works in the background. You keep doing you, and Powher cut gives you the benefit of an ally on the inside, burning fat in the background of every workout, every recovery. Powher has a certified dietician on staff that works with them on science-backed products using ingredients sourced to benefit the female body. 

Using all-natural ingredients in a specific formula that can curb appetite and stimulate fat-burning, Powher Cut will help you avoid that pesky afternoon muffin that keeps finding its way onto your desk, and will also burn off that tummy fat that just won’t go away. 

Powher Cut works with your workout and your lifestyle. You don’t need to download an app, sign up with a trainer, or follow a specific workout. Just take two capsules with each meal, and follow your own workout and diet routine. After all, you know you. Powher isn’t telling you what to eat or how to workout. They just want to help you with the you that’s already working hard to be your best.


Okay, So What’s In It? All natural and easy to understand ingredients, that’s what. Let's have a look at the breakdown.

Glucomannan: A natural plant fiber that works like many others. It bonds with fatty lipids in your digestive tract to pass them with less absorption. And the fiber also bonds with water in your system, and when the molecules expand, you’ll feel fuller. It’s the secret to why your parents' doctors were pushing bran-muffins all those years. Take Powher Cut before a meal, and you’ll find you can leave a few bites uneaten at the end.

Natural Caffeine: We all know caffeine is a stimulant, and that it’s safe in low doses. The caffeine in Powher Cut will boost your metabolism without needing a latte that has tons of sugar and other additives.

Choline: A naturally occurring nutrient that helps the liver process fat in your digestive system. It’s so important, in fact, that it’s a required ingredient in baby formulas. But in our adult lives, as we’ve moved into the modern age, we aren’t getting nearly the amount of Choline that our body could use. Powher Cut will help solve that.

Chromium: A metal? That’s right. It’s an essential mineral. Many people don’t know what minerals do (after all, I’ve never had a craving for a chunk of an iron dumbbell). But they supply bonding partners for all kinds of biological functions in the body, and they are particularly useful in controlling blood glucose levels, which will help keep the sugar cravings under control. 

Mangesium: A very important mineral not many people get enough of. Reaching the daily intake can translate into healthy insulin and glucose blood levels. Magnesium can also help with water retention and bloating, so if you feel usually bloated, this component will come with great benefits. 

Selenium: Another mineral, but this one is a trace mineral, which means in this case that the body only needs a little bit of it. Part of the Selenium in the body is stored in the thyroid and it supports normal thyroid function, which is important because the thyroid is the one that controls the amount of calories you burn in a day.

In addition to having these nutrients, Powher has worked with registered dieticians to ensure that the nutrients are in their most absorbable form and balanced in each capsule to compliment each other, and to compliment you and your workouts and diet. After all, we’re all learning that taking a billion milligrams of a synthetic Vitamin C doesn’t do us a lot of good. Unlike some other supplements, Powher Cut will absorb into your body naturally, and taking it with each meal ensures that it will work with you throughout your Powher-ful day.

Pros And Cons


  • Will help curb the cravings for snacks you don’t really need, or want.
  • Will help you burn fat between workouts.
  • Helps you move through your workout with more energy and drive.
  • No reported side effects to be concerned with.
  • GMP certified and made in FDA registered facilities


  • Caffeine. Yes, it has caffeine. If you’re sensitive, or on orders from a doctor to limit intake, then consult your physician before starting Powher Cut

Potential Side Effects

With the exception of caffeine sensitivities, you should be safe with Powher Cut. Just keep in mind, results can become addictive, take it slow! If you do start to see results and you’re enjoying how Powher Cut compliments your workouts and diet goals, then keep taking it as recommended. But don’t exceed the guidelines for use. Because it’s a natural supplement, taking more won’t really give you any more benefits. Just take the two pills with breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and continue on with your workout victories and diet successes!

When to take Powher Cut

Take two capsules, three times a day just before breakfast, lunch, and dinner, with a full glass or two of water. The water will activate the Glucommanan to its fullest effect.

Price And Offers

We suggest ordering right from the Powher website. It’s not a cheap product, which frankly is a good thing. Often times we get what we pay for. Their best offer is the Ultimate Powher Cut Pack, which includes a free bottle and a money back guarantee. That’s right, full money back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied, send it back, no questions asked.

Conclusion: Is Powher Worth It?

We definitely think so! Powher is a great product that can help accelerate weight loss, by giving women more energy to improve their physical performance and their fitness, as well as controlling cravings and reducing appetite, for a smooth weight loss journey. 

It is made with premium ingredients and the formula was developed with experts, making it an effective supplement to support fat loss, and we certainly think it's worth a try!

Want To Try Powher?

Buy 3, get 1 free

Free shipping when you buy 2 or more

Tracked delivery service

90-day money-back guarantee


Is Powher Safe?

Yes! Because it’s made from all-natural ingredients, it’s safe for any active adult.

Can it be Stacked?

According to their website, Powher products can be stacked. However, they do suggest you take care if you’re already taking a high-caffeine supplement.

Is there really a Money Back Guarantee?

Absolutely. As long as you’re following a diet and workout plan, Powher is so confident their product will help you, they’ll refund your money if it doesn’t.

I am sensitive to caffeine, should i take powher?

If you have a caffeine sensitivity and want to take Powher, it is recommended that you don't combine it with other caffeinated products. If you don't want to take as much caffeine, we recommend Leanbean, another fat burner with a lower caffeine content. You can read a Leanbean review here.

Is it safe for men?

Although it is specifically formulated with women's needs in mind, it is absolutely safe for men to take it. 

Does Powher offer other products?

Definitely! They offer a pre-workout supplement, as well as a multivitamin. Visit their official website for more details.

About the Author

Steven has been into health, nutrition, and fitness for over 10 years, and has a degree in Physical Education and Coaching. He is an expert in supplements and is devoted to helping his clients achieve their fitness goals and live their best lives.

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