Safe Over the Counter Phentermine Weight-Loss Supplements

We all have fitness goals that we’re working toward. Whether it’s for health or fitness, we are all looking for an edge when it comes to burning calories, eating less, and having better muscle tone.

Many of us have found supplements to be a safe and effective way to enhance our diet and exercise routine. Whether we found no results from diet and exercise alone, or we’re looking for even better results than we already have found, supplements can be a great way to get in better shape.

If you’ve looked into weight loss supplements, you’ve probably already come across the medication Phentermine. Starting in the late 1950s, doctors began prescribing it for diet and weight loss. Since that time it has been a tightly regulated and closely researched supplement. There are generic forms of the medication, but no over the counter alternatives to the active drug.

Since there is a lot on the internet about supplements and dozens of sites promising the world, we decided to do some research for ourselves about what Phentermine is, and what some Phentermine alternatives might be.

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What is Phentermine

Phentermine is a class of drug that helps curb appetite and increase metabolism. It has been prescribed for decades for people that are dangerously medically obese. Because of the extreme side effects, it has been limited to prescription use only, and there are no safe or legal over the counter alternatives.

Side effects of Phentermine include heart palpitations, nausea, and high blood pressure. In severe cases it causes psychological effects, and heart and lung disease. It is also known to have extremely high risk of addiction.

Because of these adverse side effects, we do not recommend trying to find anything branded specifically as a Phentermine ‘clone.’ After all, if there is that much risk in prescribed medications under the care of a physician, the risks will be multiplied if you go through a non-professional.

In addition to the health risks of over the counter Phentermine or alternatives branded as such, it could also lead you to legal trouble. In most places, Phentermine is illegal without a prescription, and trying to find alternatives on the internet could land you in hot water with not only your local or national authorities, but with any authorities tracking international sales.

Natural Phentermine Alternatives

Rather than look for ‘over the counter’ Phentermine, we suggest taking an all-natural, legal supplement as an alternative. The products we researched below have safe and researched appetite suppressants, as well as safe and all natural metabolism boosters. We have researched the companies, the products, and even the ingredients to make sure that we are only suggesting safe and all natural Phentermine alternatives. Not only are they effective, they are also from legitimate companies with testimonials from real people.

We researched three great metabolism boosting appetite suppressants, and reviewed them, below. We also gave them a focused review. That means you won’t find a grading system, or a score. All three of these products are safe, researched to be effective, and come equally recommended by us. We include details so that you can find the best Phentermine alternative for you and your fitness goals.

PhenQ: Best All-Around

Unlike the medication Phentermine, or any of its clones, PhenQ was developed to be an all-around wellness supplement. That means it will not only help you eat less and burn more calories, but it was researched to be a total mind and body supplement. PhenQ uses a trademarked ingredient called α-Lacys Reset. This compound’s main ingredient is something called Alpha-lipoic acid, or ALA. This is a naturally occurring antioxidant that helps break down carbohydrates and provide energy. 

There are a number of products on the market that utilize Lacys Reset, but what makes PhenQ so powerful is that they have maximized the results you may see from ALA. They’ve done this by bringing it together with Thermogenics, like capsicum, fiber from the Nopal cactus, and a healthy level of caffeine.

The Nopal fiber will help curb your appetite. It is a natural plant fiber that works by expanding with water in your system to help you feel more full. The capsicum is part of a proprietary blend they call their “Capsimax Powder.” Many of the ingredients you’ll find in the other fat-burners are in this Capsimax Powder, but PhenQ has gone the extra mile by combining those ingredients into a special formula.

The branded PhenQ supplement’s ALA has also been suggested to protect brain function. This is important because as we eat less in general, and burn more sugar, our brains will notice a chemical change. When we have less sugar in our system, our mod could be effected. PhenQ’s ALA has been researched to protect us from low mood swings.

PhenQ also has chromium, an essential mineral, that has been shown to curb carb cravings and improve mood. Every ingredient in PhenQ does work, so there’s no waste, and you also don’t have to worry about paying for things that don’t work.

We recommend PhenQ for an overall fat-burning supplement as a Phentermine alternative, for both men and women. It has scientifically backed studies suggesting its efficacy, and they boast over +190,000 positive reviews. Combined with a money back guarantee and we think this is the supplement to try for just about anybody. 

On their website they are offering 3 months, plus a free 2 months supply, for $189.95, with a 60 day money back guarantee.


  • Safe and legal
  • No prescription required
  • Ships right to your door
  • Suppresses appetite
  • Increases metabolism
  • Improves overall health and mood


  • Because PhenQ uses proprietary formulas, there is no generic option

PhenGold: Best for First-Time Users

We chose PhenGold for this list because many people looking for Phentermine may be new to weight loss supplements. PhenGold is an ideal supplement for people just starting out.

Part of what makes PhenGold so perfect for first-time weight loss supplement users are its ingredient list. Everything you find in PhenGold is a tried and true appetite suppressant or metabolism booster. The ingredients are found in most other weight loss supplements, but PhenGold has formulated their product for optimum absorption. 

PhenGold has green tea and green coffee, both of which are natural ways to boost energy. The benefits of green coffee are that it reacts more mildly with your system, and delivers an energy boost some people describe as feeling more clean. The green tea extract gives you mild energy, as well, but also has great antioxidant benefits.

PhenGold also has a plant derivative called rhodiola rosea, and a compound called DMAE. Rhodiola rosea is a plant derivative that has been used by natives of the Northern Hemisphere to help fight fatigue and depression during the long, dark Winters. Combined with the DMAE, this makes PhenGold a great mood enhancer when you’re burning sugars out of your system.

And it has the Vitamin B-complex we see in many quality fat-burners. PhenGold also includes cayenne pepper as an appetite suppressant, and pure caffeine for extra energy.

PhenGold enhances their formula with Theanine and Tyrosine. These two ingredients can help with improving mood. This can be important if sugars have been a regular part of your diet. Let’s be honest, eating sugar makes the body happy. When you take a fat-burner, you will crave less sugar, and absorb less of it when you eat it. This means you may experience some background drop in overall mood. To help with that, PhenGold includes the Theanine and Tyrosine.

PhenGold also boasts of a solid reputation among clinical studies and dieticians, even featuring a testimonial from a nutritionist on their website. And unlike some other supplement makers, they’re not afraid of comparisons. In fact, they offer an honest up-and-down comparison of their product versus the above mentioned PhenQ. 

Given their overall value, and because they use a lot of proven ingredients, we recommend PhenGold as the safest Phentermine alternative for first-time users.

Their best deal on their website includes a 3 months supply, plus two months free, for only $179.99. And they also have a 100-day money back guarantee. 


  • Like all our recommendations, a safe and legal Phentermine alternative
  • No prescription necessary
  • The web site includes a lot of research into each ingredient
  • Photographic testimonials from real users
  • Transparent ingredient list


  • Unlike some of the other fat-burners on this list, they do not have a real ‘game-changer’ ingredient. Which for many cautious consumers could actually be its biggest selling point.

Leanbean: Best for Women

Leanbean is unique to our list in that it relies on a formula specifically designed for women. Sorry, men, this one’s not for you.

When we start dieting, some of us simply cut foods out of our routine, and forget to add in the good foods. Another problem with current so-called ‘diet foods’ is that they strip out things like sugar and fat, but doesn’t replace those calories with healthy fiber or protein.

When this happens, we miss out on key nutrients, and our bodies feel more hungry than they would otherwise. One of the key nutrients missing in so much of our diet is a natural fiber. 

Fiber works in the body swelling with water already present in your system and helping you feel fuller. That’s what all those people mean by “empty calories.” We eat sugar, but never feel full. Sadly, so many of the foods we eat are focused on taking things out (low-fat, zero sugar), but they don’t give back the things we need. 

Leanbean uses the proven fiber Glucomannan. This natural plant fiber will fit the bill for all that you need fiber to do. Not only will it help you suppress your appetite, fiber will also bond with lipids in your digestive tract, helping your body process fats without absorbing as many of them. And it’s all natural.

In addition to the Glucomannan, Leanbean also has some all-natural thermogenic nutrients that will help your cells and muscles burn more fat. You can make every minute on the bike count for more. Make the dog-walk count for more. Make every workout count for more when you take Leanbean.

Leanbean has included an all-natural blend of green tea and Vitmains B6 and B12 to increase your energy and focus. Like the other two Phentermine alternatives we researched, Leanbean helps with our energy to motivate our bodies and our minds to go work out. Appetite suppressant alone won’t give you the same benefits of appetite suppressant combined with increased exercise. 

We recommend Leanbean as an all-natural, women-focused Phentermine alternative. It’s safe, legal, non-prescription, and designed for the woman’s body.

Leanbean can be a little more expensive. Their website offers a 3 months supply, plus 1 free month, for $189.97, with a 90 day money back guarantee. But they also offer free shipping, with that bundle, and a free downloadable workout routine.


  • Safe and legal
  • Suppresses appetite
  • Specially designed for the woman’s body
  • All natural and vegan-friendly formula


  • Because it is specially formulated for women, we’re not able to review this product for men.


Because Phentermine is a prescribed medication, we do not recommend trying to find over the counter alternatives. Not only could that prove dangerously unsafe for your health, but you could also run into legal ramifications.

Instead, we recommend using a researched, legal, all-natural Phentermine alternative like the ones we reviewed, above.

We all want to be in better shape. Shave a few pounds, tone our muscles, look and feel better about our best selves. Because we share that passion with you, we strongly recommend the PhenQ, PhenGold, and Leanbean as weight loss supplements. They’re scientifically researched to help you eat less, burn more calories, and feel better.

Potential Side Effects

Because all the products we researched are safe and scientifically researched, we have found no side effects from any of them. They are safe to take with other medications, and no not react with any other supplements. That means they are all safe Phentermine alternatives. You don’t need to worry about any of the adverse side effects associated with that prescription medication when using any of our recommended supplements.

OTC Phentermine Alternatives


 Best All-Around 

Rating 4.9


   Best for First-Time Users 

Rating 4.8


Best For Women

Rating 4.5

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Steven has been into health, nutrition, and fitness for over 10 years, and has a degree in Physical Education and Coaching. He is an expert in supplements and is devoted to helping his clients achieve their fitness goals and live their best lives.

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