When we’re trying to lose weight, we often focus on the need to cut things out. We cut out calories, we cut out sugar, we cut out fat. But what about things we want to put back into our bodies?

Glucomannan is an all-natural weight loss supplement for helping us maintain a healthy appetite, and burn off excess sugars in our body. It is a plant-derived fiber that works by swelling in our digestive tract to help us feel more full. It also helps our body metabolize sugars, and bonds with lipids in our body to help pass them without absorbing them.

We reviewed the Glucomannan supplements, below, and found each was the best for different goals and results.

Best Glucomannan Supplements For Weight Loss


   Best all-natural for women




   Best caffeinated




   Best Caffeine-Free



Leanbean: Best all-natural for Women

Leanbean is a specially formulated supplement for women. We recommend it for anyone looking for an all-natural alternative to some of the more chemically derived diet supplements on the market.

Leanbean relies on Glucomannan in concert with some other key ingredients, to maximize the effect you get from fiber. Their glucomannan is sourced right from the Konjac Root. That means you don’t have to worry about an over-processed or artificial fiber.

And Leanbean gives you a good dose of the Konjac root, as well, with each serving gives you 3 grams. In addition to the appetite suppressing benefits of the Konjac fiber, they’ve also included a tropical fruit called Garcinia Cambogia, often used to help you feel more satisfied after eating a meal. Great news if you’re trying to monitor your portions.

Leanbean also contains an essential blend of B Vitamins, specifically B6 and B12. These are also known as “thermogenic” ingredients that can help you stay energized. 

Vitamins also help stimulate your cells to metabolize sugar in a quicker fashion. This means less transference into triglycerides (fat) that gets stored in your body.

Other thermogenic include Turmeric and Green Coffee. Turmeric has a similar effect as caffeine called Anhydrous. Anhydrous, though, can have an adverse effect on the woman’s body, so Leanbean has gone with Turmeric. The Green Coffee they use also has great anti-oxidants, as does the Acai Berry they’ve added into the formula.

The makers of Leanbean have included Choline, which is great news. Choline is a naturally occurring compound, normally produced by the liver. It is essential in the metabolizing of fat cells. It’s so important that it’s a necessary ingredient in baby formulas.

As we grow older, however, our bodies stop producing Choline at levels high enough to combat the modern diet. That’s where Leanbean comes in. By including it with glucomannan and thermogenic, it can help you achieve and maintain a healthier weight and figure.

The zinc in Leanbean will also help you process carbohydrates and fatty acids in a healthier way.

All these great ingredients are good news, but if your body doesn’t absorb them, it could all be for naught. So Leanbean has added piperine and Chromium (an essential mineral) to help your body with something they call “macronutrient metabolism.” In essence, both ingredients help your body absorb, process, and deliver each of the other ingredients.

Overall, Leanbean is our recommendation for Best All-Natural Glucomannan Supplement for Women. It’s available on their website. Right now you can get a 3 month supply, plus a free month, a free downloadable workout routine, and free delivery, for $189.97. And Leanbean has a great 90-day money-back guarantee.

Trimtone: Best Caffeinated Glucomannan Weight Loss Supplement

Trimtone has three kinds of proven caffeine, added to its glucomannan, to help with your weight loss goals.

Before diving into the caffeine blend, Trimtone has a great serving of glucomannan. Also, on their website, Trimtone points out a study wherein people taking glucomannan alone, with no other changes, lost over five pounds in less than two months.

Trimtone’s first caffeine is a straight extract. At around 100mg per dose, Trimtone gives you the boost to energy and focus you need to attack your day and your workouts. It’s also enough to increase your metabolism by up to 3%, according to their website. This means that before you even hit the gym, Trimtone is helping you burn calories.

And Trimtone isn’t helping you burn just any calories, either. Caffeine is also helpful in burning carbs, and lipids.

Trimtone’s second form of caffeine comes in the form of raw, unroasted, Green Coffee. By including unroasted coffee, Trimtone is giving you the important chlorogenic acid, which may help you reduce how much sugar you absorb from what you eat.

They’ve also cited, right on their website, a study where women taking green coffee extract lost twice as much weight as women who didn’t.

The last form of caffeine comes by way of Green Tea extract. Green Tea has been studied to lower the total Body Mass Index (BMI) in people studied, which in conjunction with the other caffeine, is great news.

The last ingredient in Trimtone is Grains of Paradise. This little wonder can help you burn something called brown adipose tissue, or BAT. BAT is a special mechanism that your body uses to keep warm. In nature, when your body drops below a certain temperature, your body will burn the brown adipose tissue to stimulate body heat.

Trouble is, thanks to modern amenities like clothing and shelter, we aren’t ever in that kind of emergency situation, at least from an evolutionary biology standpoint. But our bodies don’t know that, and so a certain amount of our calories will always be converted to use in that BAT situation.

This means that without help, our bodies would keep storing this fatty tissue, and never burn it up. Thanks to Trimtone and their Grains of Paradise, we can change that.

Another great thing about Trimtone is the research they’ve poured into their product. On their website, they have a list of clinical studies they’ve cited to support their own research and claims. That means you can trust what they’ve found about their ingredients and their products. They’re not afraid to show their work.

We recommend Trimtone as the Best Caffeinated Glucomannan weight loss supplement. It’s available from their website, with free shipping, and a money-back guarantee. You can get a 3 months supply, plus two free months (5 total) for $149.85.

Hourglass Fit: Best Caffeine-Free Glucomannan Supplement

Hourglass Fit is our pick for the best caffeine-free supplement for weight loss. We know that some of us are trying to get off of the caffeine merry-go-round. And that’s why we looked for a product without it.

Hourglass Fit still has the great glucomannan fiber that all of the products we’ve reviewed have. In fact, Hourglass has 3,000 mg of it and all of it is from the konjac root.

Hourglass Fit also has an amino acid called 5-HTP (hydroxytryptophan). This protein is naturally occurring, and your body uses it to help produce serotonin. This is important for two reasons.

The first reason serotonin is important is because when we feel better, we tend to eat less. That is, we often eat more when we’re feeling low. And what we eat more can be all the bad foods we’re trying to stay away from sugars, fats, and salty snacks. So when we have more serotonin, we can avoid some of those snacks.

Another reason the 5-HTP might help is that when some people diet, they notice a dip in their moods. This is basically the inverse of the process described above. When we have sugar and fatty foods as part of our daily diet, our body begins to literally rely on them, chemically, for our mood stabilizing. When we start to eat less of those things, due to diet and increased fiber intake, we may notice a dip in our mood.

Hourglass Fit hasn’t left out those thermogenic, either. They have a Vitamin B Complex, including B2, B6, and B12. These are all clinically researched to help establish a healthy metabolism.

Hourglass also has Capsimax®, a trademarked thermogenic that includes just the metabolizing benefits of the cayenne pepper. They’ve also added chromium, which we’ve seen in other researched products to reduce appetite and stimulate better metabolism.

A final ingredient in Hourglass Fit is Zinc. Not only is Zinc an essential mineral that many of us don’t get nearly enough of, it’s also been shown to help with insulin and with reducing appetite. In fact, a study published in the National Institute of Health’s website concludes that Zinc is helpful in weight management.

Hourglass fit is committed to a healthier you, which starts with a healthier supplement. Their product comes from all-natural sources, with no synthetics, and no additives. They’ve also carefully researched it to have no side effects.

Hourglass Fit is our pick for the Best Caffeine-Free Glucomannan weight loss supplement. It’s available on their website for $165 for a 3 month supply, plus a free month, for 4 months total. This includes free worldwide delivery.

Side-Effects of Glucomannan

All of the products we researched have been studied to have no side effects. Because glucomannan is a naturally occurring fiber of the konjac root, you don’t have to worry about reactivity with other supplements or with any medications. It’s a natural, soluble fiber that will help with weight management.


Glucomannan is an essential supplement for a weight loss program. It can help reduce appetite and limit the absorption of lipids in the digestive tract. But not all glucomannan supplements are created equal.

That’s why we’ve researched Leanbean, Trimtone, and Hourglass Fit as the Best in their categories. Whether you’re looking for an all-natural supplement, a caffeinated supplement, or a caffeine-free supplement, we believe we’ve found the right one for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is All Fiber the Same?

No. In fact, some fibers, like psyllium fiber, are only a digestive aid, to help with continence issues. Glucomannan is one of the hottest supplements on the market specifically because it’s so different from other fibers.

 Will the Fiber Taste Bad?

No. All of the products we researched are in pill form; you won’t taste the fiber.

How should I Take these Supplements?

Check the label of each for instructions. But in general, take each pill thirty minutes before eating, with 1-2 glasses of water.

Can I Take these with Other Supplements?

Yes. Each of these has been researched to have no side effects with other supplements.

Is Glucomannan Legal? 

Absolutely. Glucomannan is entirely safe and legal.

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