Winter is upon Australia. As of this writing, we’re at the Winter Solstice and temps are dropping. Sure, Darwin is still in the low 30s, but Hobart and Canberra are barely above 12 degrees. And we all know that Perth and Sydney are braced for rainfall.

Some of us take the Winter months to get ahead of the weather with our diet and exercise plans. Who doesn’t want to show off a bit more toned muscle when Summer comes back around?

We’ve had a lot of readers write in about good weight-loss supplements for the cold months. One popular trend in the past was phentermine. Most modern consumers, however, know that phentermine is banned without a prescription, and potentially dangerous. Some of us might remember when Michelle Payne was kept from racing for using it.

So we decided to write up a review of the top alternatives to phentermine. These are all over-the-counter (OTC) options that are safe, legal, and effective.

Phentermine Alternatives



Best Overall Alternative

Rating 4.9



Best Appetite Suppressant

Rating 4.8



Best Metabolism Booster

Rating 4.5



Best for Men

Rating 4.5

PhenQ: Best Overall Alternative

Without exaggeration, PhenQ has the most unique ingredient of any weight loss supplement I’ve ever seen. What’s more, this ingredient is effective, safe, and has a number of studies backing it up.

It’s called α-Lacys Reset®, and yes that’s a registered trademark next to the name. Lacys Reset is the brand name of an antioxidant called alpha-lipoic acid (APA). 


It’s a naturally occurring compound, but in its clinical form it is much stronger and effective in burning fat, curbing cravings, and keeping your metabolism keyed in. 

In one study I found, a large-scale analysis was conducted and concluded that APA had a significant impact on lowering body-mass index and burning fat in participants.

If that weren’t enough to recommend it, PhenQ also packs in a number of other well-researched ingredients for overall metabolic health. These include Nopal fibre for appetite control, and a Capsimax Powder, another trademarked ingredient with fat-burning potential.

PhenQ has free delivery around the globe, which is good news for Australians. You can get a buy-two get-one-free on their website for $209.99 AUD.

Not only is PhenQ safe and legal, but it’s effective, too. That means it’s a great alternative to phentermine, and can help you get bikini-ready before the Winter’s over.

PhenGold: Best Appetite Suppressant

According to Accor Magazine, Australians have a dirty Winter secret: watching more TV, and eating more while we do it. Sometimes that’s just the way it is. When the sun sets earlier, and there’s a bit of chill in the air, we eat a little more.

That’s why I went looking for a good, healthy appetite suppressant, and I found PhenGold. It’s packed with nine all-natural, researched ingredients that can help curb the cravings.

What’s more, it has three ingredients specifically included to help with your mood, too.

Many of us might not realize it, but our moods change in the Winter months. That same Accor article explains that we get sad and irritable. And when that happens, we snack more often, and eat more when we sit down to a meal.

PhenGold has L-Tyrosine, L-Theanine, and dimethylaminoethanol (DMAE for short). All three of those links are to studies supporting how each ingredient can alleviate stress and the symptoms of stress. Less stress means less eating to cope with stress.

In addition, PhenGold has Cayenne pepper, which has a component proven to reduce appetite in a healthy manner, and promote fat burning.

PhenGold also has a buy-two deal with a free bottle, and offers free shipping, all for $159.99 AUD.

Phen24: Best Metabolism Booster

If you’re lucky enough to live around Whitsunday Islands or Top End, you may be thinking that the Winter months aren’t that big a bother. You still want a good weight-loss supplement, but the Winter blues aren’t making you eat more.

In that case, you probably need a kicking metabolism booster, and for that, I recommend Phen24.

It’s a one-of-a-kind two pill system that works around the clock for increased metabolism and fat-burning.

The secret behind Phen24’s success in boosting your metabolism is in its two pill approach. You don’t need to be a physician to know that your body is different at night versus in the day. So it doesn’t make sense to take the same supplement before bed that you take when you wake up.

Phen24 actually starts working while you’re asleep. Using the clinically studied fibre Glucomannan, Phen24 keeps your system feeling full throughout the night. This not only means that you’re not getting up for late-night snacks, but you're also not waking up feeling like you need a Full English to get going.

Once you are awake, the Phen24 pill takes over, with two important ingredients, L-Phenylalanine and Green Tea Extract. The first, Phenylalanine, helps balance your glucose response throughout the day. This means that carbs you eat don’t get burned too quickly, leaving you hungry, or stored away as fat. Green Tea Extract has been extensively researched for its obesity-inhibiting benefits.

All this adds up to a powerful one-two punch, and Phen24 is offering it for $149.99 USD for two bottles, plus one free.

PrimeShred: Best for Men

Sorry, ladies, but this one is for Men. Nothing misogynistic about it, it’s just the science. You see, PrimeShred contains a powerful caffeine supplement that really ignites the metabolism–but it’s been shown to be harmful in some women.

The ingredient is called Caffeine Anhydrous, and it can significantly increase the amount of fat oxidized during exercise.

The “anhydrous” part of the name means that it is “without hydrogen.” Basically, it is a molecularly dehydrated form of caffeine, increasing its potency and acute impact.

PrimeShred also has some of the other powerful ingredients we saw in our other products: Cayenne, Tyrosine, Theanine, Green Tea. But it also has a patented ingredient called Bioperine, made from black pepper extract, which increases the absorption of the other ingredients in PrimeShred.

 It’s important to use purified pepper extract, as opposed to the spice on your food, because as one study points out, every proven instance of black pepper's increasing absorption occurred with purified, supplement-grade black pepper, just like in PrimeShred.

On top of all that, PrimeShred has one of the best prices I saw, with the same buy-two deal we’ve been looking at, with a free third bottle, for only $129.99 AUD.

Final Words

Whether you’re in rainy Sydney or sunny Top End, the Winter months can be a great time to get ahead on your diet and exercise routine. Especially if you’re looking to surprise some people in a couple of months.

In days past, people would look to phentermine products to get the edge. But that’s a risky and banned product, so we found four products with great deals on three month supplies that will get you to Spring in your best shape.

We recommend checking out all the studies we linked to so you can find out which specific benefits are right for you. No matter which way you go, we’re confident all of these are better alternatives to phentermine. They’re safe, legal, and effective–all you need in a good supplement.


What’s Dangerous About Phentermine?

Outside of the legal dangers, phentermine is also known to have adverse effects on the heart and on blood pressure. It is also known to trigger addiction in some patients.

Can I Mix Weight-Loss Supplements?

We don’t recommend it, no. While all of the products reviewed are safe, many of them include stimulants like caffeine. Taking more than one at a time could cause adverse reactions.

Are There Any Side-Effects to These Products?

No. They are all researched to be safe and effective. That being said, if you are under 18, pregnant, or nursing, consult a physician before beginning any supplement routine.

Do These Supplements Ship to Australia?

Of course! I wouldn’t recommend anything to Australians that won’t ship to them.

About the Author

Steven has been into health, nutrition, and fitness for over 10 years, and has a degree in Physical Education and Coaching. He is an expert in supplements and is devoted to helping his clients achieve their fitness goals and live their best lives.

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