Finding the right supplement can make all the difference. If you’re trying to lose weight, and pick the wrong fat burner, you might be left thinking none of them work. That’s why it’s important to do your research.

When it comes to reviewing and researching nootropics, finding the right one is even more important. Nootropics can help your mind, which captains the ship of your whole body. I decided to do a full review of Elevate, from Avantera, and I found some good comparisons to other products, so be sure to read the full review.

If you have more questions, or want to read a breakdown of more nootropics, check out my review of the very best supplements on the market.

What is Avantera elevate?

Avanterars is a relatively new company based out of Texas. They have decided to enter the supplements market, not for profit, but with three core values in mind. Avantera operates on the three core principles of QualityCustomers, and Impact.

With their nootropic elevate (spelled with the lowercase on their site), they have found a simple, seven ingredient formula to provide all the benefits of a quality nootropic.

Not only does elevate strive to deliver on the benefits of mood, focus, and memory, but they’ve also curated their ingredients to provide for gut health and energy. More benefits means less supplements you have to take everyday.

Top Alternatives


Alternative 1

Strong brain-boosting ingredients

Enhances cognitive abilities 

Improve mood and decrease stress


alternative 2

Improve brain health and function

11 natural ingredients

No known side effects

Benefits of Avantera elevate

Avantera has created elevate to improve all the cognitive functions and behaviors of the brain. If you’re looking for more different results, check out the review I wrote on Mind Lab Pro.

Attention and Short-term Memory: Using a selection of herbs and other researched ingredients, Avantera can help you improve your attention to detail in the short term. This will not only help you with focus, but it can also help you retain information in a fast-paced interaction.

Improved Mood: elevate uses some proven amino acids that help improve your hormone levels, which can really improve your mood throughout the day. In addition, it may help raise levels of gamma-Aminobutyric acid (or GABA), which cna help the transmission of important chemicals in the brain. These improvements can free your mind, literally, to think more clearly about tasks at hand.

Better Gut Health: Improved Gut Health can have a lot to do with how our minds work. After all, if we’re fighting hunger, bloating, or any other digestive issues, it’s harder to focus and think clearly. That’s why Avantera has included ingredients to help with total gut health. (If you’re looking for a straight nootropic, look up my review on NooCube.)

Better Alertness and Energy: The natural caffeine in Green Tea Extract in Avantera’s elevate can help you stay energized from the neck up, helping you avoid coffee or energy drinks to keep you alert.

Lifestyle Friendly: Avantera has worked hard to make all their products vegan, keto friendly, soy free, sugar free, dairy free, gluten free, nut free, and non-GMO.

Avantera elevate Ingredients

Avantera has winnowed down the dozens of ingredients sometimes used in nootropics to a tight line-up of seven active factors.

Bacopa monnieri: A natural herb used in Indian (Ayurvedic) medicine for centuries. This herb is also known as the Brahmi, and it can help with transmitting various signals throughout the brain.

It is sometimes thought that this herb helps with increasing blood vessels to promote nutrient transmission.nIt has also been suggested to help with degenerative brain diseases and ADHD.

L-Theanine: This is an amino acid that helps in the regulation of various hormones, including serotonin and dopamine. Like I mentioned above, it can also play a very important role in the regulation of GABA.

Turmeric: Long used in diet supplements and traditional herbal medicine, it has also been used in cognitive supplements for centuries. One compound in turmeric, curcumin, is so powerful, in fact, that it has recently been studied for how it might help fight actual neurological disorders.

One should be careful, in the case of turmeric, because not all herbs are created equally. Sometimes a manufacturer might source inferior even diluted herbs. Avantera’s commitment to quality ingredients should set them apart.

CDP Choline: Choline is an essential piece of acetylcholine (ACT). ACT is the “trigger” that fires neurotransmitters. Without ACT, not only wouldn’t our brains work, but neither would our minds.

Proper ACT levels are hugely important in brain function, and studies are constantly underway to better understand how we can monitor and supplement the compound in our bodies.

Green Tea Extract: We mentioned this a bit earlier, but Green Tea Extract has an incredible impact on our brian function. Long known to have metabolic benefits, Green Tea can also have an energy impact on our brains.

One of the reasons to use Green Tea instead of a caffeine extract is how much more gentle it is than coffee or energy drinks. In elevate, the Green Tea won’t give you the jitters or make you feel nauseated.

Lion’s Mane: Yet another traditional herb that Western Science is catching up to. Not only has it been used for improving focus for years, but preclinical trials have found that it may even help promote growth among brain nerve cells.

These findings have been so fascinating that they are being studied to help patients with dementia and other brain disorders.

Black Pepper: One thing all supplement customers should know is that without nutrient absorption compounds, your body isn’t really digesting all the ingredients. Put another way, that 1,000mg tablet of vitamin C some people take is being passed right through their system on their next restroom break.

The good news is that finding supplements with absorption nutrients has gotten easier thanks to black pepper. Adding black pepper to foods or supplements can dramatically increase the amount of nutrients your body absorbs.

Potential Side Effects

The makers of elevate, Avantera, have worked hard to have only natural ingredients in their product. That means little to no side effects. In fact, each ingredient is clinically studied for not only effectiveness, but also for safety.

That being said, if you are currently on medication, or are worried about potential interaction with other supplements, always consult a doctor.

When to Take Avantera elevate

The website for elevate recommends taking it once a day, within an hour of waking up. If you have trouble taking supplements on an empty stomach, try taking it with a light meal.

Avantera claims you may start feeling the beneficial effects of elevate immediately, or within 20 or 30 minutes.

Price and Offers

Elevate is only available right now from Avantera’s website, for $64.95 for a one-month supply. If you sign up for a subscription, however, you will save $15 a month, getting each bottle for $49.95, which comes to $1.67 a day.

If you’re curious about how this compares to other supplements, don’t forget I have a review of the best nootropics here on my website.

Top Alternatives


Alternative 1

Strong brain-boosting ingredients

Enhances cognitive abilities 

Improve mood and decrease stress


alternative 2

Improve brain health and function

11 natural ingredients

No known side effects

Customer Reviews

Avantera has an average of 4.7 stars out of 5 based on over 2,000 reviews. In addition to that, they’ve been mentioned on CBS News, Fox, MarketWatch, USA Today, and NBC. They are a relatively new and small company, so more reviews are very probably on the way.

Conclusion: Is Avantera elevate Worth It?

After a lot of research, we think that Avantera is a great option for someone who has tried other nootropics, and wants to try something new. We’re not sure, quite yet, that the formula can stack up against some of the tried and true supplements, like Mind Lab Pro and NooCube. But that shouldn’t discourage you from trying from trying elevate if you’re interested.

Avantera has put together a tight list of seven of the most researched nootropic ingredients, and we’ve seen the same herbs in almost all the most effective supplements.


Are Nootropics FDA Approved?

No, they are not. Which only means they cannot be used to treat or diagnose any disease. It doesn’t mean they don’t work, as millions of people attest they do.

Where is Avantera Elevate Made?

Elevate is made in the US, from clinically tested, lifestyle-friendly ingredients.

Does Elevate Have Offer Refunds?

Yes, they do. If for any reason you’re unsatisfied, Avantera offers a 30-day money back guarantee. See their site for details.

How Long Does My Subscription Last?

Your subscription will last for as long as you like. You can cancel it anytime, but for as long as you have it you’ll save over 20% off the normal price.

How Does Mood Affect Cognition? 

There is a strong link between emotions and cognition. When we’re feeling low, our thoughts slow down, we have trouble focusing, and we have less energy, physically and mentally.

About the Author

Steven has been into health, nutrition, and fitness for over 10 years, and has a degree in Physical Education and Coaching. He is an expert in supplements and is devoted to helping his clients achieve their fitness goals and live their best lives.

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